Monday, February 1, 2010

Two Minutes for Hooking

Tonight I went to my first hockey game. (Thanks to Will Ladesma). I have never really followed hockey and don't know much about it, but I had a great time. I found myself really getting into the game, and the more I understood about the way it was played the more I enjoyed it. Its nice to live in a city like Houston where there is actually a team to root for. And hey, our team actually won. 3-1. Thats nice to say. I have been to two Astros games and they lost both of those, so attending a winning game for your home team is nice. Its a good way to start out my hockey viewing. Go Aeros!

Here are a few highlights of the night...

Treated myself to a hotdog and soda.

Great seats! Fourth row behind the goal!

No. 6 for the opposing team (the Abbotsford Heat) looked like Bill Hader with a mustache. Take a look.

good night.

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  1. Aeros games are fun. I feel bad when I'm invited and I can't go.