Monday, May 24, 2010

Zoo Day!

Yay! Kat and I went to the Zoo today! I had a great time, mostly because of the company. Let me break down our trip to the zoo for you, both the good and the bad.

Admission: We actually had free tickets to the zoo because of a work related event. So. score one for us! But, if we had to pay it would have been 11 bucks each. Thats a little more than I would like to pay, but I guess that is a good deal compared to other things around. BTW, Houston Zoo offers many free admission days throughout the year. Good for them!

Parking: Another score for us here. Parking at the zoo is free! It is hard to find free parking for things this day in age. I was very pleased to see that the zoo did not charge.

The Weather: One reason Kat and I chose to go today was because we wanted to go before it got to far into summer weather. It turned out to be a semi-nice day. Yes, it was hot and bright today, but there were several shady areas in the zoo, and God also provided cloud cover from time to time. So, overall, I can't complain. Kat and were also sure to put on sunblock before out trip. I strongly recommend it.

People/Crowds: Ahhh, crowds. Another thing Kat and wanted to avoid by going earlier on in the summer. We knew that most schools get out for summer sometime in the next few weeks, and we wanted to avoid the large family crowds. There were a few small children groups there, but nothing too overwhelming. (Although, some of those kids were a little wild, and needed some home training.) For the most part, the zoo seemed kind of empty (not complaining here). There were a few times I felt as if Kat and I were the only ones in the park. (and then that led to thoughts of what to do with zoo animals in case of the zombie apocalypse. Long story) So, no crowds=good!

The Animals: I was fairly pleased with the variety of animals our zoo has to offer. There were the typical lions, tigers, and bears, but there were also zebras, exotic snakes, lots of different birds, and meerkats! I would be pleased if the zoo were to add more animals that we are not use to seeing at most family attractions.
As far as the animal watching went, I was a little let down. The most active animals were probably the birds, a few of the monkeys, and the red panda. As far as the larger animals went,(with the exception of the elephants and giraffes) we were lucky if we even saw them. Some were is the very back corner of their pens. The tiger, the lions, the bears and even the hoofed animals were just lying around. Now, I understand that it was the heat of the day, and they were probably tired, but it was still a little disappointing.

The Park: I found the zoo easy to navigate, and a good size too. But, a good majority of it was under construction. Some attractions were shutdown, as well as whole parts of the zoo. The zoo is adding a dinosaur exhibit this summer, so that was part of it, but it went beyond that. Kat and I often saw empty pens with no animals, and grass and weeds overtaking it. "Temporarily Closed" was a not uncommon sign most of the day. As far as those pens that were occupied by creatures, some of them could use a facelift. I mentioned to Kat that I thought some of the animals' areas looked sad and barren. Some color goes a long way.

Conclusion: I think you get what you pay for. Once the construction is out of the way, and the appropriate animals are returned to their empty cages, it will make for a great family outing. Parking is free, (and so is admission on certain holidays) so check the weather, grab the family and head on out to the Houston Zoo!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ten Things

1. I am getting married in FIVE MONTHS!!!! to the very lovely, talented Katharine L. Weatherly.

2. I did not watch the LOST finale. Sorry.

3. Our show, The Little Foxes, got extended for one show Friday and one Saturday.

4. I really love the friends I have made here in Houston. I have a wonderful church family, and am very excited to be getting married here soon! I hope that God does not call us away from Houston any time soon. It is starting to feel like home.

5. I wish my college work place (Chuck's BBQ) was here in Houston. Man, I miss that place. Great Job.

6. I am listening to Counting Crows right now.

7. My parents are coming to town this weekend. I am really looking forward to seeing them.

8. Kat and I are going to the zoo tomorrow. I am pumped about it. Maybe I will blog about it. Check back for that and pics.

9. Wish I was ripped.

10. Can you believe that are actually making a Final Destination 5?!?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Top Forty has a list of the top forty tv theme songs of all time. I have to say there were some surprises. I didn't even watch half these shows.

I was glad to see that MASH made the list as well as All in the Family, Mr. Ed, and Welcome Back Kotter.

Who holds the number one spot? Read to find out.

Or just ask me.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Let's Get Your Opinion On the Matter

Ok, I got a speeding ticket back in February. I won't go into it, but the circumstances were lame. You can ask Stormy Mitchell, she was there. She'll tell you.

The ticket was going to be over 250 bucks. I had these three options of dealing with it.

1)Bite the bullet and pay up.

2)Go to court and contest it.

3)Take defensive driving, pay a smaller ticket penalty, and have it erased from my driving record.

Now, I chose to go with option 3. Here is why...

There is no way I could afford to pay over 250 dollars. I am saving up for a honeymoon, and every penny counts.

I was under the assumption that if I went to court, that I was going to have to pay fees no matter if I won or loss. However, I now know that if I had won the court fees and the ticket fine would have been dismissed. If I had know this, I might would have gone to court. From what I hear, if you choose a jury over a judge you pretty much always get off scott free.

I went with the third thinking it would be way cheaper. I knew that I was going to have to go through some paperwork and other headaches. I had no idea what a hassle it was going to actually be. It ended up being a lot more work than I thought. Plus, there were several hidden fees that they do not tell you about when they suggest Defensive Driving.

But, the final cost was not close to the actual ticket fee. So, I did come out cheaper and the ticket is wiped off the record.

They just want their money. I know it. You know it.

So, let me ask. What would you do? Pay the ticket and get it over with? Go to court and risk it, plus get the runaround on court dates (keep in mind you have to get out of work too)? or go through the hassle of Defensive Driving?

Please comment.